Holy Rood Catholic Primary School


Mincraft is an incredibly popular 'sandbox' game, meaning that players are involved in creating their own virtual 'plot' from scratch as part of the virtual minecraft world. It is incredibly popular with children and can be played on a wide range of devices including, mobiles, tablets, PCs and games consoles.

What our pupils say...

'Minecraft is really fun. It allows you to be creative and to design a plot exactly as you want it to be. There are lots of different versions of Minecraft, some of them allow other people that you know and even some that you do not know to play with you. There is the chance for you to have an in-game chat with your friends although you have to be careful because you might be contacted by people who do not know you.'

What we say...

Minecraft allows children to develop important computing skills in their use of the computer to aid them in designing and shaping virtual objects in a virtual world.  Playing minecraft online however opens the possibilities of the children playing minecraft with friends as well as strangers. We have had recent examples in school of pupils being targetted by internet trolls whilst playing on these online versions of the game.

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