Holy Rood Catholic Primary School


Snapchat is a photo and video messaging service with a difference - the content sent 'self destructs' after a matter of seconds - disappearing from your phone!

What our pupils say...

'It's good for messaging with your friends - you can easily see what people are up to. If you are under 13 you can sign up for a safer children's version. There is the potential for people to use it for cyber bullying because the content disappears so quickly.'

What we say...

The problem with snapchat is its immediate nature. No matter how vigilent you are as a parent, if messages are come and gone within a matter of seconds then it is very hard to monitor your child's use of this. The children are right when they mention the potential for cyber bullying. There is also the potential for users to be tempted to send images that are riskier than they may ordinarily be happy to send, due to the fact that they think they will only be seen fleetingly.  However even though the message 'self dectructs' it is possible for quick witted phone users to take a screen shot of the image/ video or even photograph it from another device.  

Further information...

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