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Holy Rood's Chaplaincy Team

At Holy Rood School, we are fortunate enough to have our very own chapel which was blessed and opened by Bishop John Sherrington in 2013.


Meet our Chaplaincy Team



What does the Holy Rood Chaplaincy Team do?

As part of their role, the chaplaincy team supports pupils across the whole school from EYFS to Year 6 in developing and deepening their faith. They regularly lead small group prayer during lunchtime. In addition to this, the chaplaincy team also read and share Bible stories with pupils and engage the whole school community in activities to enhance their understanding of God and their own faith.

On a termly basis, the chaplaincy team lead whole school assemblies on liturgical themes. On a half termly basis, the chaplaincy team support and lead a collective worship in the classroom. Further to this, during significant liturgical events in the year, such as Lent and Advent, the Chaplaincy team support pupils in developing their understanding of the importance of these by leading whole school acts of worship such as ‘The Walking Stations of the Cross’. Each year, at Harvest time, our chaplaincy team also organise our annual food collection for the Watford Food Bank. 

Our efforts to collect food for Watford Food Bank 2019 

Our Chapliancy Team in Action 

As part of our relationship with other schools in our academy, All Saints Catholic Academy Trust, we have been able to build and develop strong links with Deacon Liam, who is not only a member of staff at a school within our academy but also one of our Parish Deacons. 

Deacon Liam visits our Chaplaincy Team every other week. During this time, our Chaplaincy Team and Deacon Liam work together to discuss and plan a bi-weekly ‘Taking Time with God’ meditation. The Chaplaincy Team then record and share this with the whole school so that all children from Nursery up to Year 6 can have some dedicated time each Wednesday to spend with God in another way outside of assembly, daily prayer and Acts of Collective Worship.

The children at Holy Rood thoroughly enjoy these moments of quietness, calmness and stillness.


Take a look inside our Chapel!